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The building blocks for a lasting, holistic, human performance

The 5 Pillars

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The Five Pillars of human performance

What keeps you going?
How to get more motivation?

Why awareness feeds clarity

and habits build mindsets!

Learn all about

how your body and your mind function as a whole and how you can align and synchronize your work with them


As we come into this world,

we have but one tool:

Our senses.

How we perceive and how we learn is what builds our cognition and intuition.

What we learn defines how we interact with what is around us.

So learning how to learn, how to build better memory, sharpen senses, focus and practice methods to study and think is in essence what this pillar is about.

In TCM, this pillar is related to spring, wood and the sprouting and pushing upwards of all energies.

The first contact after a long sleep and the freshest, the cleanest of impressions we get when approaching something completely new.



Next we learn to manage our body.

We build muscle, play, train, and practice with system that is ever changing according to the challenges we face.

Movement intelligence, reflexes, mobility, coordination and strength are only a few of the elements that we can change in this pillar and according to what we do with our body.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the second pillar refers to fire, summer and the full force of youth and physical activity.

A state of our development where we experience joy and the full capacity of our body.



After we have depleted our body through  practicing and working with our tools, our learnings need to be processed, the investment of energies replenished.

What diet is best for our body type?

What foods and liquids help to support our work, sports and daily lives?

In this section we concern ourselves with what is providing the nutrients to repair and fuel.

How much to consume, when and why.

In TCM this pillar is related to earth and the  stillness of late summer and harvest.

Not respecting the natural desire to replenish and the rewarding of all the efforts will lead to a deep rooted feeling of being unsatisfied with the outcome of what we have struggled with.



The fourth pillar is about mental growth that comes with reflection.

How to deal with fears, anxieties, deep rooted habits and the craving for purpose or a goal that is worth our efforts?

Understanding our beliefs and how to achieve lasting motivation and drive provide the tools to figure these questions out.

in TCM we find this pillar associated with autumn and the element of metal.

The natural regress of all energies to draw a summary of what we have witnessed in our work up to this point.

Failing to see the value in taking that step back and reflect truthfully results in stagnation, waste of energy and frustration as we keep trying to push into fruitless directions.



Rest is without a doubt, the most important element in any process and defines the outcome of any attempt, any project and anything we want to achieve.

In this pillar we learn how to attain better sleep quality, calm our mind and body through stretching and breathing exercises and what influences our recovery so that we can wake up refreshed and with a sharp mind.

In TCM, the necessity of winter where we reform and integrate in silence and solitude is unchallenged.

Here we work with tools to understand our dreams, how to effectively relax the system with Qi Gong and why creating art, music and expressing our emotions is so important.


Through all aspects

Striving to travel and learn more I became a swiss certified chef early in my life.

I have been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine, White Tiger Qigong and 5 Element Nutrition

To better understand how my mind and body work.
To this day I keep researching on human performance technologies, holistic knowledge and tools to improve our performance and better our lives.

I am now able to provide certifications and years of experience

in accredited western training systems like Functional Training and Cross Fitness,

Budokon Mobility and Swiss Athletic Endurance- and Strength Training.

Having spent years working out how to best use and integrate

western and eastern recovery practices to heal and recover from various injuries myself,

I found that ultimately all of these knowledge bases

have the interest of both internal and external health and harmony

as their number one priority.

So how can I achieve such harmony?

What methodologies and knowledge can help me to learn faster, heal quicker, do longer what I enjoy so much?

With The 5 Pillar Performance System

I created a concept that regards all aspects of human performance.

To make it simple, understandable and easy to use for everyone I made it a mission to keep learning, minimize clutter and simplify old methods and tools.



"If you can't explain it to a child, you did not understand the subject fully."

A. Einstein

This statement is my motivation to consistently develop my knowledge and understanding of The Five Pillars and I invite you to be part of it.

Take 2 minutes to fill out this free survey around the integration of The Five Pillars and, if you feel it, to book in a free 30 minute call where I share some free and simple methods and insights with you.

No strings attached.

Should we not match, you just walk away with all the knowledge you gained.

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